Protecting our precious groundwater

We are protecting the precious water held beneath our feet. From towns to downs we all rely on it. Now, next year, in the next decade and in the next century, we’ll always need it. The Aquifer Partnership (TAP) is safeguarding the water we’ll need for years to come.

Our responsibility

Provide practical advice

From policy makers to the public, we share our knowledge and expertise to promote the best ways to protect our precious groundwater. On the downs we work with farmers, stables and golf courses to encourage the best land management for our water. In the towns we work with others to demonstrate the best solutions to protect groundwater.


Raise awareness

We raise awareness of our aquifer, its importance for our everyday life and how we can all work together to protect it.


Science and research

We work with others to undertake robust research to inform what we do, and learn from research and best practice in countries around the world.

What is an aquifer?

A layer of rock beneath the surface of the Earth that holds water

What is groundwater?

Water held beneath the surface of the Earth in soil and rock

Your responsibility


Of people rely on
the chalk aquifer for their
water supply


Soakways in brighton potentially polluting the
aquifer with road run-off


Boreholes have recorded nitrate levels above drinking water standards

We work in partnership

At the core of The Aquifer Partnership (TAP) are professionals who love water. Love studying it, protecting it, talking about it. There are even more people, organisations, groups, schools, who have joined with us. Together we can achieve so much more.

‘No water, no life. No blue, no green’ – Sylvia Earle

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