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Young people are leading the charge for the environment. Their energy and dedication is raising the bar and showing us the way. Captivating this enthusiasm is good for us all; whether we’re 4 or 94, we can all become ambassadors for our aquifer.

What Are Rainscapes?


Here at TAP, we are pioneering a school rainscape campaign. We work with schools to transform underused play areas into inspirational and interactive blue-green spaces promoting outdoor learning while protecting the precious groundwater beneath our feet.


Rainscapes are also known as Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS). SuDS are a nature-based solution that promotes water health. These rainscapes provide play and educational opportunities while reducing flooding, cleaning water, and increasing biodiversity.

Why Rainscapes?



We know that no two students learn the same, which is why having access to a multi-faceted outdoor area is so important.When the students are engaged in an activity their excitement is obvious and their learning outcomes can improve. Raingardens provide students with more than just a beautiful play area, but one encourages curiosity about  nature and our connection with it.


Students are involved every step of the way from planning the rainscape, to creating art, to helping us plant and beyond. There are so many incredible studies about the benefits of outdoor education, yet one of the biggest hurdles is often access. Rainscapes are the perfect solution.


Which Schools Have We Worked With?

We’re working with three amazing schools, Moulsecoomb Primary School, Wallands Primary School and Carden Primary School. At each school we work with expert designers to create a rainscape that is functional and fun. Take a look at the photos below from our completed projects, then check out our case studies to see how we did it and what we learned.

Moulsecoomb Primary School

Wallands Primary School

Carden Primary School

Case studies

Check Out These Classroom Resources!

What School Leaders Are Saying

“It has been fantastic to see our children engaging in learning in our raingarden. They have been so excited to learn in the space, care for the plants and chickens, and watch the brilliant rain-collection devices bring the garden to life!”

– Adam Sutton, Headteacher, Moulsecoomb Primary School

“Our raingarden is at the center of our school, and provides a focal point that changes with the seasons. It is a constant source of conversation for intrigued children and visitors alike. It is a relaxing, nurturing environment for children to be in, tending to the planting, ponds and chickens. On a cloudy day you find yourself wishing for heavy rain, in hopes that you will see the planters fill up and overflow, down the gullies. Equally, you wait through the winter months hoping to see the first signs of spring. A tell that the pond will soon be in full bloom and the dragonflies will return. It is a real treat for the children to be able to spend time in the garden. Providing them with many educational opportunities, whether learning about the water cycle, habitats, biodiversity, insects or life cycles. It can all be seen playing out in front of you every day."

– Shaun André, Site Manager

“The raingarden brings outdoor learning to life and is a fun and imaginative way to cover everything from science to geography to gardening. With the special, added bonus of having chickens living there.”

– Warren, Governor and Gardener

“The development of the rainscape at Wallands has completely transformed our playground and the way children play in it. Our children are excited to see where the rain water collects and it generates lots of discussions about recycling water! The further development of the planted areas have really inspired the children and our Green Team have thoroughly enjoyed being involved in the various stages, from design to completion. Our parents have been amazed by the transformation too and have commented on how inviting the area looks now. We can’t wait to see how all the plants grow!”

– Julie Mortimer, Wallands Primary School

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