World Soil Day

Chalk Chat

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5 Dec 2022

It’s World Soil Day!


We love our groundwater, but it wouldn’t be possible without our incredible soil! 


The beauty of chalk is celebrated all over the world, from the stunning Seven Sisters right in our own backyard to the Königsstuhl cliffs of Germany. Chalk cliffs are a sight to behold, but chalk provides more than just an attractive backdrop. Chalk is also what makes our aquifer and our soil so special.


Our chalky soil is perfect for the incredible fields of wildflowers and low-laying plants the South Downs is known for. Our farmers have a unique challenge in chalk; it’s great for growing cereals like barley, wheat, and oats, among others. These chalk-loving plants flourish where the soil is shallow and where water from rain drains quickly. That same water becomes our groundwater!


Chalk has also been used for centuries as a natural filter. Chalk is made up of fossilized sea creatures from millions of years ago. These tiny fossils leave microscopic spaces within the chalk, which water can still move through. However, larger particles like heavy metals and some bacteria can’t, which leaves them trapped at the top with the cleaner water flowing below. 


We don’t often think of the ground beneath our feet, but it’s there supporting us every day. So this month, we’re here to show off this incredibly underappreciated natural resource. That’s all for this chalk chat; stay tuned for more, and let us know your questions!


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