TAP appoints a new chair

  • Drinking water
Aimee Felus
4 Aug 2021

We are delighted to announce that Councillor Martin Osborne has been appointed chair of The Aquifer Partnership (TAP).

Councillor Osborne is also co-chair of the council’s Tourism, Equalities, Communities and Culture committee and a member of South Downs National Park Authority.

“TAP has been doing great work over recent years and I’m delighted to be joining the team".

Councillor Osborne said: “With my roles on Brighton & Hove City Council and the South Downs National Park, I’m well placed to work in co-operation with partners and with our reliance locally on the chalk aquifer for providing our clean, local drinking water.

“It is essential that we do whatever we can to prevent pollution into the aquifer and raise awareness of how everyone can play their part. I look forward to being involved in the plans of TAP going forward.”

Partnership Development Manager Susie Howells added: “The TAP board is made up of senior leaders from the four partner organisations – the Environment Agency, Brighton and Hove City Council, Southern Water and the South Downs National Park Authority, together with a great professional and technical team.

“We’re really happy to have Martin on the board to build on the partnership’s solid foundation and bring out the best in the project and the people we work with, building our reputation and raising our impact.”


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