Check out these resources for more information on TAP, the aquifer and our groundwater, and information about how you can help to protect it.

The Aquifer Partnership Nitrogen Reduction Trial

In 2018, the Brighton ChaMP team began working with S.Woodley Crop Services and Bevendean Farm to understand and measure the impact of reduced nitrogen application

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The Aquifer Partnership Foliar N Trial

In 2018, the Brighton ChaMP Project began working with Agrovital, Bodle Bros and BD Harris Farm Trust to trial the use of foliar-applied nitrogen (N) through a product called Efficie-N-t 28. The aim is to test whether a foliar-applied N product

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Farm Capital Grant Scheme

We’re offering capital grants of up to £10,000 per holding per year for infrastructure improvements to help reduce the risk of water pollution from agriculture.

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Confidential pesticide collection

Southern Water is offering farms in our region the opportunity to get rid of unwanted pesticides on a free and confidential basis.

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The Aquifer Partnership Research Collaboration Opportunities – TAP, March 2020

We are happy to discuss student placements, particularly at MSc and PhD level. Here is a regularly updated our list of research collaboration opportunities.

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The Aquifer Partnership Cover Crop Report November 2018

Instead of leaving fields bare, crops are planted which take up excess nitrates remaining in the soil after the previous crop, reducing losses to the aquifer.

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UK Progress on Reducing Nitrate Pollution EAC Nov 2018

Historic use of artificial fertiliser has led to nitrate pollution in Brighton’s chalk aquifer, and we’re pleased that the Government is taking the issue seriously, and is looking in detail at solutions.

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Cover Crop Study

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